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Free Tools from the New York City Film Resource

To enhance the functionality of our site, we've developed the following free tools:
NYC Film Resource Toolbar

Reach the NYC Film Resource from anywhere! Features include an integrated metasearch, pop-up blocker, and customizable functions.
(File type: Installer | File size: 238KB | Added: 9-July-2006)
Site Ratings Program
Install this simple HTML form to let your visitors rate your directory listing.  A great way to boost your rankings on the site!
(File type: HTML | File size: 2KB | Added: 17-June-2006)
Search Tool  
Let your visitors search our database from your site by adding this simple search tool. Simple and quick installation.
(File type: HTML | File size: 1KB | Added: 17-June-2006)


If you have any problems installing these tools you can email us at


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